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When is a live scan background check desirable? When is it required?

FV Live Scan is your premier local service provider for all your live scan requirements. Employment at a school district, contractors license, CCW background check, or if you just want to do a background check on yourself, we do it all.

More and more, employers are relying on a Live Scan background check. There are so many questions you cannot ask a potential employee in California. Make no mistake, there are certain people you just cannot afford to hire. If you provide services to any industry that has an association to Homeland Security, such as electronics, communication, aerospace, chemical manufacturing. If you have trucks picking up containers from a harbor, if you work on a military base, all these require that employees have a background. After a qualified offer of employment, you are free to require a fingerprint or Live Scan background check. This is the time to ascertain the history of a potential new employee. Before investing resources in training the individual, ordering uniforms, setting up email accounts, all the tasks associated with on-boarding a new employee, just to discover something in their background that will prohibit their ability to perform in the locations required.